Weekly photo challenge – fall

Here is a photo of a favourite place where I go to relax, think and find inspiration. It is in London – and is the place that inspired the following poem:

Kew Gardens

A rare escape from the crowding demands

of daily life: teenage noise, children arguing,

phone ringing constantly, meals to prepare,

cluttered house, tasks piled untidily,

one on top of another: endless chores,

chaotic ‘normal’ days.

One day of blissful solitude at Kew.

I lie hidden in deep pine-scented shade,

nurtured by silence.

I have time to finish sentences in my head

without interruption,

eat my picnic lunch in peace,

check my reflection in the mirror.

I doze for a while

under a canopy of sheltering fir trees,

wake up gradually

to the music of cheerful birds,

look up at radiant sky

through staccato evergreen leaves.

And only when I am ready, my spirits renewed,

go slowly on my way.


I have interpreted this week’s photo challenge ‘fall’ as ‘autumn’, and for another ‘fall’ photo – see the first photo on my ‘Why I love London’ page – which is possibly a better photo – but this photo is from a place where I have enjoyed sitting and thinking … a place with some peaceful memories.












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About joanna77juliet

I am married, a mother of two and live in London. I work with young children, and my interests include writing - poetry, fiction and life writing, on themes such as nature, family, motherhood and faith. I also have an interest in photography and tracing my ancestry.
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8 Responses to Weekly photo challenge – fall

  1. Lovely poem, Joanna. You do a great job at capturing the frazzled, hurried, mood at the beginningt and then lulling us into a peaceful state of mind right along with you at the end.

  2. I absolutely LOVE that poem. You capture so beautifully, the solitude that we women long for. Time to think, time for silence, maybe even a brief sleep. I felt like I was there for that brief moment. Thank you!

  3. Blissfull solitude…it is a beautiful place that you can just gather your thoughts , unwined, reenergize. This is Autumn at its best! Thanks.

  4. Thanks ‘island traveler’ – I’m glad you enjoyed the poem.

  5. thirdhandart says:

    Beautiful poem and photo!

  6. Thankyou Theresa, I like your ‘fall’ photo too!

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