Weekly photo challenge – comfort

This sums up comfort for me – and seems appropriate – this is my son – Richard, who has just left home for University!

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About joanna77juliet

I am married, a mother of two and live in London. I work with young children, and my interests include writing - poetry, fiction and life writing, on themes such as nature, family, motherhood and faith. I also have an interest in photography and tracing my ancestry.
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14 Responses to Weekly photo challenge – comfort

  1. Beautiful photo filled with love and comfort. Time flies. I wish you and your family days filled with blessings.

  2. I love all of the white. Almost like he’s wrapped in a cloud. Lovely!

  3. northernnarratives says:

    Very nice :)

  4. aaww thats definitely comfort :)

  5. Thanks – he looks so content and peaceful! Hard to believe that was 18 years ago!

  6. thirdhandart says:

    What a precious baby! He looks very comfortable all snuggled up!
    Just looking at nostalgic photos of loved ones is comforting to many people.

    • Thanks ‘thirdhandart’ – you are right – comfort for him in the photo and comfort for me to be holding him – and to have this photo in my room now that he has left home!

  7. nuvofelt says:

    Such a very precious photograph. It’s impossible to imagine all the growing that goes on between then and now. How proud you must be.

  8. Beautiful. Time goes way to fast…a reason we often seek such comfort in photos and memories. : )

  9. 2e0mca says:

    He’s definitely comfortable :-) Nice photo!

  10. Thankyou – it doesn’t seem like 18 years ago!

  11. Thanks to everyone for your comments! Sorry if I missed anyone out!

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